Book cover My Good Grief Healing from Loss by Cheryl Parker

My Good Grief - Healing from Loss
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An interactive workbook to guide you through your grief process. We are committed to people being free to be real. This workbook is written in a metaphor of a walk through the forest. You can sometimes feel like you are walking through a dark dense forest. The workbook will walk you through to dappled light, then a sense of beauty and ultimately freedom. The workbook is the curriculum for an 8 week workshop and the author offers a half hour coaching call to complete the program with confidence and success.

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My Good Grief: Healing from loss
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By Ms Cheryl Parker

Single Working Moms - A Journey to Greatness

 You will be inspired by the writings in this book. It is a collection of resourceful information for Single Working Moms, and any parent for that matter. There are chapters on "Decorating On A Dime", "Organizing Our Kids", "Health and Beauty", "Healthy Snacks In Minutes", "Promoting Yourself Back Into The Workplace", "Finances", and more. Throughout the book there are also inspiring stories from Single Moms and their personal journeys to greatness. They share their struggles and adversities and how they overcame them, and they share their victories over the past

Some feedback has been:

"This is a book of faith and hope", "This is not just for Single Moms, anyone would enjoy this book", "I couldn't put it down", and most importantly, "This book really helped me"

Some of the proceeds are donated to local Women's Charities in order to make an ongoing difference.

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Book cover A Journey to Greatness by Cheryl Parker