Mental Health is getting the voice it deserves and it is an important discussion to be having.
My Good Grief is passionate about
transforming the conversation about grief and breaking the stigma around mental health
into Mental Wellness.


we want people free to be real.


Grief is often associated with death but, there are many losses we deal with that are not associated with death that invoke symptoms, impacting our Mental Wellness.

Divorce, loss of mobility from health or aging, relationship, financial status, jobs, changes in the workplace, loss of limbs from medical issues, loss of innocence from abuse, loss of trust from robbery or rape, loss of confidence, self esteem, moving, retirement, new job, empty nest.

Grief is often intellectualized and we can talk ourselves into thinking we are ok or, that this is as good as it gets. Often, our pain and the experience of carrying around that pain, can turn into our new normal thinking nothing else is possible.

We think we can get back to who we used to be, but it is actually more about recreating yourself with the loss. We are passionate about helping others reclaim their lives and create new futures in the face of loss. We look forward to working with you to discover and reclaim yours. – CHERYL PARKER



My Good Grief is a collection of services designed to support people be the best they can be and break down any barriers affecting their mental health, and preventing them from
living a completely fulfilled life. 

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CherYL'S Story

My Mental Health became an issue after the unexpected and sudden loss of my 8 year old daughter Rachel from a condition called Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura which she contacted from a flu virus, I was devastated and did not want to live...

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